SENTŌ, or bath houses, are where people gather.
Up until 20 years ago, this building was a sentō.
Back in the day, when few houses had baths, the sentō was not merely a place to take a
bath, but it was the hub for communication among the community.
People of all ages, regardless of sex, or occupation would gather in the early evening,
and exchange news or gossip at the sentō.
Modernization of life meant bathes were installed in houses, and methods of communication
changed with the introduction of telephones and the internet. The role
once playd by sentōs, was coming to an end.
With a vision of creating a modern and more current “SENTŌ” where people could gather,
Yakumo Village decided to renovate the former sentō.
Through visitors cannot enjoy “naked communication(an honest relationship)” overnight
guests can connect and enjoy exchanging stories at what is now a guest
house. Therestaurant on site offers a venue for lively conversation and dining.
Thereis even a counter where visitors can sign up for activities to experience the
primary industry of Yakumo, not to mention connect with locals.
SENTŌ, was and always will be a space for communication, connecting people with people.


Our guest house preserves its traditional Japanese styling with engawa open
corridors and decorated alcoves.
The building is old, but has been carefully renovated,
with not only new kitchens and baths but fresh new guest rooms.
All so you can rest easy.
The feeling we’ve created is like a visit
to Grandma’s house, where travelers and staff alike can gather and relax.
Feel free to use it as a base for long strolls.
Go ahead and join some of our cultural programs.
Or simply stay here while you explore Yakumo.


Our restaurant offers meals packed with
local Yakumo ingredients in an
old-fashioned public bath atmosphere.
It’s attached to the guest house, but it’s popular with
local residents as well as guests.
It’s also a perfect place to sit and enjoy conversation
over a cup of coffee.

  • 熊石タコカルパッチョ 熊石タコカルパッチョKumaishi Octopus Carpaccio
  • 鮭のちゃんちゃん焼き 鮭のちゃんちゃん焼きSalmon Chanchan-Yaki
  • ホタテのバター焼き ホタテのバター焼きButter Grilled Scallops
  • 八雲プーティーン 八雲プーティーンYakumo Poutine