Mochi Pounding Experience & Farm Stay!


Mochi Pounding is a traditional Japanese culture. Although it hasn’t been seen much in recent years, you can experience such a traditional “mochi making experience” at a rice farmer’s house in Yakumo Town!

Sticky Rice Industry in Yakumo Town

Yakumo Town is famous as one of the leading “sticky rice production centers” in Hokkaido, and it is also branded under the name of “KazenokoMochi.” It has a high degree of whiteness,  stickiness, elasticity, and fineness. You can try mochi making experience at Chiba-san, a sticky rice producer.

Schedule of the Activity

1. Meet at Yakumo Village(SENTŌ)

Yakumo Village is located in 30 Suehirocho Yakumo cho Futamigun, Hokkaido. It is inside the SENTŌ where runs the restaurant and the guest house.

2. Get Explanation of this experience and Depart to the Spot

Leave to the spot after getting information about this experience.

* Free transfer for those who do not have a car

3. Arriving the spot and get change to Happi

Wash hands and change your clothes to Happi after arriving.

4. Mochi Pounding Experience

Chiba couple show you how to do it first.

Let’s try mochi pounding!

5. Making Daifuku(one of the mochi sweets)

When you have a delicious mochi, we all make Daifuku. Daifuku made by yourself tastes excellent!

6. Chill at Chiba-san House

After that, we visit Chiba-san’s house and enjoy a cup of tea. This feeling of being Japanese home is the best!

And you can even experience a farm stay in this big house! If you have enough time, please try staying a night at Chiba-san house!

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews of our customers who have experienced this mochi making.

“I didn’t know that the freshly sticky rice is so delicious !!”

“It was fun to be able to actually experience the traditional Japanese rice cake making.”

“The Chiba-san couple were very nice people, and I felt as if I was visiting my grandpa and grandmother in the countryside.

“It found difficult to make mochi, but pounding mochi made me feel refreshed and relieved of stress.”


Mochi pounding is a traditional Japanese culture. Why don’t you experience one of the unique culture of Japan at the house of sticky rice farmers in Yakumo town? We accept applications all year round!

You can also experience rice planting in the spring season and rice harvesting experience in the autumn season.

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Please feel free to contact us for more information.